Thursday, February 5, 2009

Orange Food, Blue Food

Mangoes are one of my all time favorite fruits. Whenever I slice one up I must take my time to fully enjoy the creamy, juicy sweetness of the bright orange flesh. Eating a mango instantly puts me in a good mood, like this morning:Speaking of orange-fleshed foods, Kabocha squash is another favorite food of mine. I steamed 1/2 a squash and had it for lunch yesterday with the red cabbage shreds, again to balance the intense creamy sweetness:Now for the new foodie food of the day- Ricera Blueberry Rice Yogurt!After trying different brands of soy yogurt, I was pretty turned off to the idea of non-dairy yogurt, but Ricera changed me. The blueberry flavor is soo pronounced, which I loved since I adore blueberries, and it is perfectly sweet and feels like authentic yogurt in my mouth.
Ricera is made from brown rice, has no dairy, soy, or wheat, and has 180 kcal and only 1 gram of fat for the whole 6 oz. carton!
I sprinkled some Smart Bran and dried strawberries for some crunch- an impossibly delicious and nutritious combination.Must buy more... soon!

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