Monday, February 16, 2009

Rain, Raw, and Cake

Its been pouring and hailing, plus blasting winds all week long. I hate to complain, but I'm so sick of this poopy weather! There was no way I was going to face the outdoors to go grocery shopping, so this week's challenge is to live off the pantry!
Now for a bar review. I tried this Go Raw bar:
As you can see, it is raw vegan, the whole thing. Simple ingredients. It was not bad, kind of like fruit leather studded with seeds. You really have to rip this bar, can't really bite into it like a Larabar. I recommend it if you like fruit leather, but if you're looking for a Lara or Clif-like bar, this one isn't. I enjoyed it while I was eating it, but its not one of those," Omygosh! I must buy more of these!" kind of experience for me.
I worked today, so I just had a whole bunch of fruit for breakfast and finally a huge plate of steamed veggies afterwards, at home:That ugly black-looking thing is the eggplant skin! I used the cooked skin to make sort of a veggie wrap with. Its hard to eat neatly, but its a good way to eat the smoky charred skin.
Now for some eye candy!
This beautiful carrot cake from Whole Foods was my friend, Brian's.It was his birthday cake, but I took it home, the same night as the V-day cookies, to document it for you all! I took the cookies and the cake back to campus for friends to eat the day after, at our hang out in the Student Learning Center (big study hall sort of place... I know such nerds!).
He's a vegetarian so I guess his friend that bought it for him thought carrot cake was appropriate...


  1. i have been looking for those bars everywhere but can't find them!
    thanks for the review!

    yummy carrot cake :)

  2. I've tried that bar too but didn't really enjoy as much as i enjoyed lara or pure bars.

    eggplant skin! omg i want to try that ;]

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