Monday, February 9, 2009

Chilly Weather, Snack Attacks

This morning was so freezing cold! And it didn't help that the heater was off all night... I had to drink a cup of hot tea to warm myself up before breakfast, which was Blueberry rice yogurt (yup, bought more!) with Smart Bran, banana, and strawberry slices:
Jolly lip-smacking good!
Maybe because it was so cold, I got hungry again right away, and I can't function when I'm freezing and hungry, so I ate some slices of a butternut squash I roasted the day before:
Sweet and smoky~ Bambi had some, too!
I had a light dinner because that butternut kept me full all day. I had some HuuRaw chips and some mild salsa, both from Whole Foods ~<3:
HuuRaw Carrot Curry chips are made from carrots, germinated flax seeds, ground flaxseeds, lime juice, chia seeds, curry powder, and Himalayan salt. Not like real tortilla chips, but yummy! Afterwards, still hungry (I'm telling you its the cold weather), so I topped a Sunflower Seed Bread square with salsa:So good~ Lydia's Organic's makes all raw stuff, some products are good, some are iffy. This bread has like a veggie-cracker flavor, which I love. Its a little dry, but if you dip it in water for a few seconds it turns moist and delicious.
Oh, and look what I got at Whole Foods!:I feel so green now~ But in pink!


  1. hey girly,
    i like Lydia's products too! although the only one i've tried is the cacao crunch bar. LOL.