Friday, February 13, 2009

Fruitylicious Friday

More hail today and the falling ice balls were humongous! Yikes...
Breakfast today was wheat bran, berries, and banana in more of the rice shake. It kind of tasted like raw instant oatmeal. It made me feel super healthy.In the manner of Hobbits, second breakfast followed: The leftover fruit, prettied up~A soft ripe mango finished it off! Soo juicy...
I had some baked Korean sweet potatoes with fresh kale for dinner, but I was so starving after jazz class that stopping to take photos was out of the question!
But look what was delivered yesterday... The Kardea bars I requested!
These seem interesting and new in the world of food bars. Expect reviews in the near future!
My cute little sisters made trays and trays of pink goodies for Open Chapel last night! I swiped a few of the prettiest ones to snap a photo of at home, since I didn't have my camera then:
Four of them made six trays of these beauties from scratch!
I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day, attached or single like me!
I love you all ~<3!


  1. those cookies look so delicious!!! did your sisters make them for you to eat? so sweet ;]

  2. What brand of bar would you say is your favorite? I despise anything with soy and sweeteners in bars so, I stay away from bars with those ingredients. I ordered 3 boxes of larabars and got them in on wednesday. Ginger Snap, Cashew Cookie, and my favorite Lemon Bar.

  3. aaaaw!!! those cookies are so pretty and adorable! I've never tried those bars, are they any good?
    and that food porn!

  4. let us know if those bars are any good!

  5. legos? lol, how does ikea food remind you of legos? the bright colors?

  6. adorable cookies!
    all the fruit looks delicious :)

  7. I'd say Larabars are my favorite bars, especially the Mint Jocalat and PB&J.