Friday, February 6, 2009

Like a Brownie

Featuring the bar of the day: Clif Nectar Cacao. This flavor is Dark Chocolate Walnut and comes in a pretty blue and chocolate colored package.
Upon opening the wrapper, I met a brownie!
Really, there is no way this could be just a fruit and nut bar. It looks and smells exactly like a brownie in bar form. As for the taste? Brownie!
So chocolate-y and rich. I usually don't like chocolate, but this was amazing. Now I have an instant go-to if ever I should crave a brownie!Last unbelievable bite!


  1. HEY
    You're Korean too!
    Nice to meet you~ and I've noticed that you attend CAL~ I'm actually from Bay Area (San Leandro to be exact which is RIGHT NEXT to Berk). I've practically lived in BERKELEY!
    I'm a soph at UCLA. heehee GO BRUINS!

    Anyways I was RAW-VEGAN for a year but switched to vegetarian when I discovered GREEK YOGURT. I just cannot give this baby up ='(

    AND btw that Clif bar is ONE of my favorite! my other favorite is Lydia's CACAO CRUNCH bar! I've noticed you had picture of that one too! (I really want to try that Lydia's FIG one but I can't find it anywhere around where i live ='( so sad... )

    I have LOVE for larabars as well! high five! I'm so happy to meet another KOREAN who has love for so many things that I LOVE! I absolutely adore Kabocha and Swt potatoes too! Have you tried purple swt potatoes??? If you haven't, you must! like right now

    hahah I made this comment kinda long but I'm like hecka excited that I got to meet you!!!

    Do you live in the dorms? If you do, how do you manage to stay with your vegan lifestyle? I actually live off campus in an apartment so I have no idea what dorm life is like....

    I hope to hear from you soon buddy~

  2. organic chocolate... interesting.

  3. wow that bar looks good. like something sinful! lol!
    btw, I LOVE your headline pic...those little riceballs are just so ADORABLE! did you make them?