Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Potato

Today I tried a Clif Nectar in the Cherry Pomegranate flavor. I had a hunch that I wouldn't like this one because I don't really like tart flavors.Sure enough, this bar was pretty tart thanks to the unsweetened cherries. The texture was like dates mashed together with a smattering of the tart cherries and some nut bits. I'm sure some people would like this, but I'm not likely to buy this bar again.
On a yummier note, for lunch the other day I baked some Satsuma sweet potatoes, to me they're Korean sweet potatoes. Everyone in my family likes these and they're always available in Korean markets.
I had them with red cabbage shreds to balance the intense sweetness and creaminess. I think this is one of my favorite meals! Soo good.

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  1. sorry to go back to one of your old posts, but I was wondering how you cook your Korean sweet potatoes! they're my absolute favorite too!