Friday, January 23, 2009

Coconut Bar

This morning I tried the Tropical Mango Bar from Lydia's Organics. The label says to rehydrate the bar before eating, but I didn't know how so I visited their website and found out that I dip the bar into water and let it sit for a couple minutes. This worked perfectly to make a moist but slightly crunchy granola-like bar.
I slowly broke off small pieces and nibbled about half of the bar and decided it needed a little extra sweetness. So I spread a layer of blackberry jam on the second half of the bar. The jam helped a little with the sweetness and made the bar taste like a fruit and cereal bar.
Taste-wise, this all fruit bar was slightly sweet and very coconut-ty. If you like coconut, you will like this bar. Texture was very dry and hard before rehydrating, but moist and crunchy like a granola bar after soaking. While its not superb on its own, this bar would be good for crumbling over sliced strawberries and banana along with some soy milk. Three Stars? (out of 5)

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