Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last weekend Appa and M drove me back to Berkeley after a deliciously carefree winter break. After a leisurely drive up the Berkeley hills we headed over to Fellini for brunch. This was our first time here and we were pleasantly charmed by the entire experience. They even served fresh OJ squeezed by this machine near the front of the dining room:

Fellini is a restaurant for both vegans and non-vegans alike, so we were all happy (very rare!). I ordered the Fruit and Granola without the yogurt and our sweet waitress asked if I would like a mini pitcher of soy milk, and I said, "yes please!"

M got the Challah French Toast with pure maple syrup in what looked like a shot glass. When his french toast came out it looked so amazing I wished I'd ordered the vegan french toast. Maybe next time!

Appa's plate was not vegan at all, but I decided it only fair to include his meal here, too. Of course the two eggs, sausage links, potatoes, and four toast slices with blackberry jam were much more than he could eat, so M, with his growing boy appetite helped Appa polish most of it off. One thing though, the potatoes were orange inside! I asked Appa if they were sweet potatoes and he said no. Then what kind of potatoes were they?

Everything about Fellini was so cool, even the check was brought to our table in a glass tumbler!

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