Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paris Pastries and Portfolio

(sheepish grin)
Hi friends... hehe... yes, I've been MIA for a loooong time and I'm so sorry!
School work has been consuming my life and at the end of the day I just want to drop into bed.Anyway, after my sister came back from Paris she said that her trip reminded her how much she loves home! She did have fun, but she said Parisians had a certain air about them. But she apparently picked up her host family's habit of eating chocolate with breakfast every morning. She snapped this shot of these scrumptious-looking (probably not vegan) pastries at a local bakery.

Before I end this short post, here's some eye candy from an edited version of my portfolio from my photography class:While you read through other blogs, consider this:
What is your favorite fruit and vegetable?
My loves are mango and carrot~<3

Okay, tata for now!


  1. Snapping pictures daily is very hard for me, (believe it or not) and blogging every day is not an easy thing to do! I crave Parisian macarons (not macaroons) and Roquefort, Carles blue cheese all the time! I'm jealous that you went to France!

    My favorite fruit is wild blueberries and vegetable would definitely be the fatty buttery avocado. I eat avocados every day, hehe!

  2. ha, yeah, I just visited this blog for the first time and saw the photo of the chocolates and the vegan blog name and thought, umm, those are not vegan

  3. Gorgeous picts and I'd been rading your postings. Well, wished there are more picts to gawk at :-D

    I do agreed with what your sister been through in Europe. For French and other Europeans, it's common and usual they have their breakfast such way.

    Well, I'd been 'baptised' that way by Belgian hubby's family with croissants (my favorite are normal croissant & almond croissant-with thin marzipan hidden in between layers) I'm not much of chocolate fan but I can taste quality chocolates from bad ones :-)

    I do craved for Asian food like kimchi (yep), curries, chapatis, Char Kway Teow, Laksa, Tom Yam, you named it. You're lucky to stay in CA... it's so easy to find asian ingredients. It's difficult in Europe though. I can't even find dried persimmom to make Persimmom tea or right spices for my curries :'-(

    Please, more entries from you ok? I really like your food photography and hope to see some tips and tutorials from you.

    Wishing you happy summer holidays and all the best!