Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break!

Hi everyone!
Whoa mama, its been over three weeks since I last posted. I've been relaxing way too much. Between my bouts of chillin, I tried a couple new vegalicious treats. The first was So Delicious coconut milk yogurt:Ehh... I guess this wasn't so delicious after all. The strawberry flavor was kind of dull. But I spiffed it up with some Smart Bran, kamut puffs, and blueberries!Secondi, I tried the Jocolat Hazelnut flavor:Can I just say-- SO DANG HEAVENLY!
After the Chocolate flavor being so dense and dry, I was wary of the Jocolats, but this flavor was soo perfectly smooth and brownie-like that its wrapper has found a place on my wall (next to the Apple Pie and Pecan Pie Larabar wrappers).Mahh... I want another one right now!

Big news: I am so jealous of my sister because she's going to Paris! Tomorrow!
I couldn't believe it when she told me about buying the tickets on a whim with her friend. She said it is going to be her graduation gift from Appa and that she would compromise by getting a $300 laptop-- haha.

But of course I am so happy that her dream is coming true and I'm really, really excited for her. I made her promise to take pictures of everything she eats and sees for me. It was so funny-- a couple nights ago, she called me and was fretting about what she would wear in Paris. I better tell her to pay more attention to the cafes, shopping, and sights!

Hopefully I'll be able to post her Paris photos for you all next week!

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  1. I'm finally back! (Just wanted to let you know, hehe!) Anywho, I haven't blogged in ages either, but finally not busy. I want to try the Hazelnut and Cherry Jocalat, but they don't sell here =( I don't want to buy an entire box before trying the flavors out. Oh, and also.. I made a new blog focused on me gaining weight.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!