Monday, March 2, 2009

Bars Galore

It seems like my posts are getting further and further apart. I wish there was more time to do it, but I am reading all your blogs! It's much easier and funner than posting my own bits.
Today's breakfast was a Vanilla Ricera, Heritage cereal, and sliced bananas:The Vanilla Ricera is pretty yummy, but cannot compare with the Blueberry. The first time I bought a Vanilla it went sour so I couldn't try it, but this new one was safe.
Now for bar reviews! I started seeing Pure Bars on some blogs so I convinced myself I needed to try one. This is the Chocolate Brownie flavor:Kind of squashy looking and tasted very brownie-like. I would like it better without all the nuts, though. I like the smoothness of the chocolate-y dateness. I think I may like the texture of Clif Nectar Dark Chocolate Walnut better.
Now for the Pecan Pie Larabar!Can you tell I'm excited about this one? Well I am. The reason is because Pecan Pie is soo good! I never had real pecan pie before (strange?), but this bar makes it seem heavenly. You can really taste the intoxicating cinnamon in there. Definitely added to my favorites.
Next, the Jocolat Chocolate:
Yes, I am a bit sad to tell you this bar was extremely dense and dry. Super chewy chocolate, even almost a little too rich, this one. I had to drink water after every bite because it was so incredibly unmoist. I don't know if I can handle this one again, maybe eat only when a tall glass of water or cup of tea is nearby!Last, but not least, the Cashew Cookie:Maybe it was because I was being a Sandy eating monster when I ate this one right after the Jocolat, but I didn't really enjoy this too much. I remember a very strong cashew flavor, which I don't particularly like. But for cashew lovers like JuJubeans (hi!) this would be a huge hit.
I really can't remember whether I like this or not. I was in a munching craze and didn't really take my time savoring this Larabar as I usually do.

All you Larabar lovers, which is your favorite?
Mine is Apple Pie~<3


  1. I am absolutely a Larabar lover, and my hands-down favorite flavor is coconut cream pie. I could eat one of these every day and not get sick of the flavor :)

  2. I agree with Lauren. I can never get enough of the coconut cream pie! I really like them all with the exception of the apple pie and cinnamon roll, but they are still edible. I love cashew cookie. It was the first or second larabar I tried (I bought two ginger snaps and two cashew cookies) I hated the ginger snap, but love it now, haha! I think some of the flavors you have to acquire. I hated pecan pie also, but love it now too. The jocalat bars are all pretty dry. I don't like any of them, but the coffee one is alright. I want to try the cherry and hazelnut flavors. Those are the only two flavors I have not tried from the larabar company.